Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Eastnor Castle Hooked on Books SPACE DRAWINGS!
 are some of the funky 'We Have Lift Off! themed farm-animals-in-space pics from my Frances Lincoln event on Tuesday!

Fab sewer rat pics by Stan Stinky fans in Cirencester

Here are some cool sewer rat pictures, drawn by children at my Scholastic event in Octavia's Bookshop on Monday. The bookshop was packed with enthusiastic Stan Stinky fans of all ages. Squeeeek!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Events coming soon!

Cirencester Children's Literary Festival (It's the first one!!!)

The inaugural Cirencester Children's Literary Festival is to be held in 2013 organised by Octavia's Book shop in conjunction with Gloucestershire Library Service and the Bingham Library Trust.
There will be something to suit every age group with activities taking place at both Octavia's Bookshop and Cirencester Bingham Library.
Tickets for each event are just £1 and are available to buy ONLY at Octavia's Bookshop. All the proceeds are going to the Bingham Library Trust to support their charity work in the Community.

Sound tempting?
Well, there's still space at my event. Come and draw a ratty vermin character and create a fab sewer themed picture. 

* * * Also...* * * 

Eastnor Castle- Hooked on books!

Again (the first one!) and another fab festival.

This time I'll be focusing on my Frances Lincoln books by author Sean Taylor. I'll be reading 'We Have Lift-Off!' and a few others. We'll be having lots of rocket themed fun, come and draw a rocket or spacemammal to add to a big space picture. There will be glitter and mess and all things sparkly! 

Tickets available here for Tuesday the 13th of August. I'm on at 12:15 and again in the afternoon.