Monday, 11 June 2012

Who Ate Auntie Iris- Shortlisted for Junior Magazines Picture Book of 2012

The Junior Design Awards shortlisted Who Ate Auntie Iris for their best picture book 2012 category.
The winner was Press Here by HervĂ© Tullet
Still, fab to be shortlisted!

Review by Catherine O'Dolan:
There's a miscellany of roguish tenants in the apartment block where Auntie Iris (a chincilla) resides with her family. On the first floor, there's a grumpy clans of grizzly bears; on the second floor, there's a toothsome crocodile, and on the third floor, a crew of drooling wolves who look intent on making mischief. With a bunch of neighbours like this, it's no wonder that Iris's young nephew is sent into something of a tizz when Iris disappears, and all that's left is her hat! But as he quizzes all the neighbours, they each plead ignorance of her whereabouts: the bears have been busily watching their favourite Porridge Chef on TV; the crocodile has been entertaining a coterie of pals in his new hot tub, and the wolves have been practising their yoga.

Turns out that Iris has actually been getting aquainted with her brand new neighbours, a burly family of lions – though she's not sure she should accept their invitation: “We'd very much like to ask you around, and have you all for a meal!”
Children will enjoy the playful portrayl of different animal stereotypes, as well as the fun double entendre in the lion's words, especially as Hannah Shaw's perfect illustrations give them a gleeful glint in their eyes!